Call Planner

Do not forget that you promised to call!

Call Planner is a mobile application that allows you to easily and quickly schedule a phone call or create a list of contacts and phone numbers you want to call.

Scheduled calls

Plan your call by the date and time or by location. You no longer need for this calendar or papers!

To-Do calls

Do you want to plan a party? Make your friends list and call them gradually, as you have time. It's that easy!

Call History

Manage your calls from one place. The application also offers a call history and easily schedule of the call.


Call Planner is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Get application for your device now!

Scheduled calls

Do you remember the last time you promised your friend or customer that you call him on Monday morning? What did you do then? Wrote a reminder of the paper or create a calendar event? And when Monday came, you seek contact in the device and make the call.

Try Call Planner and see that it can be done easily.

To-Do calls

The application allows you to easily create and manage a list of contacts and phone numbers that you have to handle. Set priorities for individual calls as you want to handle.

Automatic creation of To-Do calls

Call Planner application can be set so that for all missed calls will automatically create a To-Do calls. This allows you to have one list of all calls that you have to handle.

Call history

In the application you will find a complete history of all outgoing, incoming and missed calls. So you can easily create a new to-do call or schedule a new call.

The application also provides an overview of all your completed planned calls and to-do calls, so you can easy find when you called whom and for what.